First step…

Okay, the first step for me in any large project is to get colour everywhere.  No white space aloud.

First step – ✔️My 5 year old son even piped up from his sick on couch view. “Oh look trees!”

 Not bad kiddo.  I wasn’t sure I was ready to post an update but his recognition gave me the nudge I needed to be brace and share the process with you even this early on.


Working big!

I love me a large canvas!!! Hubby was awesome and built a frame large enough to stretch a 5×4.5 canvas.  You have no idea how excited this gets me. Even with three kids home sick and my own bout with the bug, you can’t get me down! I have five feet of creativity to dream of filling!  (Photo worthy, I think so!)

I’ll keep you posted as I transform this polar bear in a snowstorm into a lush landscape.

New home, new decor!

When you move to a new home with young children the changes for the children can be overwhelming.  They may be experiencing there first bout of anxiety. One way I’ve heard helps with the transition is letting them take ownership of their own space. Picking out paint colours, or duvet covers is a fairly inexpensive way to give them that scence of ownership. Once they’ve done that, you can hang art that reflects their interests. (That’s where I come in!)

I use to have a sign hanging above my desk that read “art doesn’t match your couch.”  Though I still believe that statement, it’s nice to have it reflect the space your trying to create especially in a child’s bedroom.

Here’s an example of what I’ve been working on for my own niece, who’s moving just before her 7th birthday. Now she’s excited about the change, and I’m sure that’s partly due to having her very own room for the first time. A room that she can put her very own stamp on.  Doesn’t hurt that she has awesome parents who have been helping the kids get excited about the changes.

This is the duvet
My neice is all about horses.

Here I’ve taken my nieces interests in horses and tried to make a connection between that and the scheme of the duvet.

I’ve called this piece Pony and Posies”

Once commissions are done and delivered…

Once I’ve completed all the pre Christmas commissions I get to work on a little project of the heart.

I’ve been creating my own cards for years, but for the past three years they’ve becomes much more personal. A chance to focus on my own family and try to create something they will cherish for years. Last year it wasn’t even printed in time to send out for Christmas, but I did it anyway. One day I want to give each of my children a set, of the cards from each year since starting them.  No matter how many I mail out I try to hang on to three for them.  Our family changes a bit each year. It’s a fun way to watch us grow. 

Sharing in your stories.

One of my favourite parts of commission work is the privilege of capturing a special memory, moment or person in someone else’s life story. It can also feel like a huge responsibility, which requires a lot of prayer and respect.  This fall I was envited to create a work for a beautiful hearted woman who wanted to honour her mothers memory with a portrait of her home and garden as a gift to her father. With the memories she shared, together we concluded adding her parents to the work would be the perfect touch to breath life into the piece. 

I’m so greatful after each commission like this one to have created joy when often there is still so much sadness.  Each commission has its own story, its own heart behind the story. That’s why I do this.

Christmas is coming

Well orders are coming in so I’m finding myself preparing sketches between, meal making, crazy hair day styling, drop offs and pick ups, library visits, play and naps. I didn’t forget cleaning the house in that list it went by the wayside ages ago. Somethings got to give, guess it’s home hygiene in my case.  

Really enjoying capturing special memories for people.  Ones  that can’t be captured by a photo alone.

Often a conversation with a client can lead to a much more personal piece than even they had envisioned.

Here are a couple sketches from one I’m working through now

A wonderful year at school.

Well three years ago my first born started and finished his first year of school, Junior Kindergarden.  I was so appreciative and greatful for the wonderful teachers he had that at the end of the year I painted a portrait of her children as a gift to thank her for her sacrifice leaving her children each day to teach and nurture mine.

So this year for my second son I knew what his teachers would be getting after the first day. My second born was so excited to start school. The two years squeezing the fence staring in to the pen told everyone that. Little did I know he would be the one that when the day came to fruition would be carried in kicking screaming for me and crying. About 45 minutes later I recieved a call letting me know that he had settled down and was happily playing. That call alone told me what a blessing my sons teacher and ECE would be. And I’m so greatful to God for blessing our family with their decisions to commit their lives to Matthew 18:5

Mixed feelings.

Well I’ve come to the point where I’ve finished the mural for this year. All current parts have been cleaned up, and rounded out.  I must admit I feel a bit sad. I’ve enjoyed this time of giving to my community. I’ve met wonderful teachers and students, and parents through my hours working away.  When I first volunteered my time for this project I thought it was about using my gift to serve others, showing them love.  I thought it was about teaching my children that giving and serving others is the true joy in life. I had no idea how richly blessed by this community, in return I would be. 

A friend asked me in the beginning of this project “if it breathed life in me.” Sometimes not always but sometimes being home with young children all day can feel the opposite, but yes this project was life’s breath for me and my children.  Thank you to my school community for allowing me, and my children to journey with you.