Mixed feelings.

Well I’ve come to the point where I’ve finished the mural for this year. All current parts have been cleaned up, and rounded out.  I must admit I feel a bit sad. I’ve enjoyed this time of giving to my community. I’ve met wonderful teachers and students, and parents through my hours working away.  When I first volunteered my time for this project I thought it was about using my gift to serve others, showing them love.  I thought it was about teaching my children that giving and serving others is the true joy in life. I had no idea how richly blessed by this community, in return I would be. 

A friend asked me in the beginning of this project “if it breathed life in me.” Sometimes not always but sometimes being home with young children all day can feel the opposite, but yes this project was life’s breath for me and my children.  Thank you to my school community for allowing me, and my children to journey with you.


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