A wonderful year at school.

Well three years ago my first born started and finished his first year of school, Junior Kindergarden.  I was so appreciative and greatful for the wonderful teachers he had that at the end of the year I painted a portrait of her children as a gift to thank her for her sacrifice leaving her children each day to teach and nurture mine.

So this year for my second son I knew what his teachers would be getting after the first day. My second born was so excited to start school. The two years squeezing the fence staring in to the pen told everyone that. Little did I know he would be the one that when the day came to fruition would be carried in kicking screaming for me and crying. About 45 minutes later I recieved a call letting me know that he had settled down and was happily playing. That call alone told me what a blessing my sons teacher and ECE would be. And I’m so greatful to God for blessing our family with their decisions to commit their lives to Matthew 18:5


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