It’s in the smile 

You can see someone’s heart through their smile.  

When someone comes to you with a commission to capture the essence of a person you’ve never met, a person you will never have the privilege of meeting, you have to go with what is shared with you.  

I was honoured this past week to create a portrait of a dearly loved grandmother, with a smile that spoke her heart.  As we went through the photo references I was given, I could hear in the description how special a woman I was going to be responsible for capturing, from her garden, to her special chair, to her smiling eyes…there is nothing like a love story, in any form to inspire. I pray and I paint and I pray again.  Then I hope it brings joy.


One thought on “It’s in the smile 

  1. Katherine, you are an angel. You’ve truly captured our Grandmother – her smile showing the unconditional love and acceptance she had for everyone she met. This painting has brought her spirit back to


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