New home, new decor!

When you move to a new home with young children the changes for the children can be overwhelming.  They may be experiencing there first bout of anxiety. One way I’ve heard helps with the transition is letting them take ownership of their own space. Picking out paint colours, or duvet covers is a fairly inexpensive way to give them that scence of ownership. Once they’ve done that, you can hang art that reflects their interests. (That’s where I come in!)

I use to have a sign hanging above my desk that read “art doesn’t match your couch.”  Though I still believe that statement, it’s nice to have it reflect the space your trying to create especially in a child’s bedroom.

Here’s an example of what I’ve been working on for my own niece, who’s moving just before her 7th birthday. Now she’s excited about the change, and I’m sure that’s partly due to having her very own room for the first time. A room that she can put her very own stamp on.  Doesn’t hurt that she has awesome parents who have been helping the kids get excited about the changes.

This is the duvet
My neice is all about horses.

Here I’ve taken my nieces interests in horses and tried to make a connection between that and the scheme of the duvet.

I’ve called this piece Pony and Posies”


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