A strange year

It’s been such a strange year. We can all agree with that statement.

This year has had many down sides to it, but is so important to seek the upsides of it where you can.

In our own home I’ve been home with at least one child for 10 years a huge blessing, but my youngest child started school in 2019. It was time to figured out my new role and how I’d contribute financially to our family. I was enjoying painting again. Then in March it all changed, not just one but three home. We like so many were suddenly doing life together. I had to put my brushes down and focus on the children and their well being. I’d actually started a painting in February that I put away in March and to this day I haven’t touched it. I found new creative outlets blossomed from our worlds circumstances because my heart wasn’t in the painting now. These new outlets have been a beautiful God provided bandage protecting my mind from uncertainty and did not require the same emotional availability. I repurposed furniture, refinished some pieces, I’d been taught caning in the spring and was taking on pieces to restore. I was learns how to use some power tools that had previously intimidated me. My husband was home for 8 weeks as well so he was my instructor with the power tools and helped the kids when I needed to fight back tears. It gave me an outlet to hide a bit in the barn and focus on a task rather than worry about the furniture. It allowed me to pray and turn my focus to trusting in Gods care and provision for our family. Those are some of my positive takeaways.

I wasn’t sure how I felt when the first Christmas commission came in. I didn’t know if I’d be emotionally available, but God was there, He helped me focus on blessing others, who knew I’d have found my love of painting again. So much so that I even did a couple paintings just for fun. Three commission paintings came out of this challenging season. Three families chose to spread joy to others in very personal ways.

My clients blessed me with their thoughtfulness and excitement over their commission requests. Which in turn was infectious giving me the joy of picking up my brushes again to fill their heart felt gifts.

So thank you.

Here are the fruits of some of this season’s project:

Commission: A gift given because this beautiful boy has a condition that the family discovered may shorten his life, but they never want to forget him.
Commission: A gift given to bless the man who has turned his beautiful farm into a welcome place to reach out and bless others, always in the name of serving Jesus.
Commission: This home portrait was a commission from the parents of the first folks who ever trusted me with a commission. I was honoured to be able to paint the home they just moved away from. The one that holds the most family memories to date, where children we raised from birth. They will be able to hang it in their new forever home and reflect on the beautiful life they’ve built together.

I know my story is not everyone’s, that many of you are just not sure where the joy and hope can be found.

Look for it in all the little things. He will show you hope when you ask for it, and it’s usually through the things we take for granted. The tiny things as to see them. They suddenly start popping out everywhere and renewing your hope. I know it’s how He’s working in my life.

Blessings to you all as we move into this next season.


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