Because of you!

I just wanted to put a shoutout out there to all those wonderful folks who have shared work I’ve done for them with others. I can’t deny that since having three children and being a full time mom I’ve put a full time career as an artist on the sidelines.

I can very seriously say that without my wonderful community of commissioned art patrons, I likely wouldn’t ever have anything to share with you here and likely would be a much less fed soul. I’m going to loosely quote what a now dear friend once asked me when we were first getting to know each other. She asked “Is painting like life breath for my soul” and I remember realizing that YES, yes it is. God feeds my soul when I paint. In the more challenging times as a parent, painting can be an outlet, a major kick for the endorphins a connecting with Christ quiet time.

All this to say, thank you for sharing my website,email and FB pages with your friends and families, for proudly displaying my art on your walls! Thank you for feeding my heart!

On that note, I would love share a recent commission that came about via a connection, and word of mouth sharing. You bless me with your generosity!


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