Reflecting on the act of giving.

This time of year is such a special time for our family. Trying to teach our children not to get caught up in the commercial Christmas has its challenges. I’m so fortunate to work for people who give with compassion in mind. People who see the deep hurt felt by others in a season where so many are celebrating. It’s a season where loss can be felt the most.

This season I was humbled to paint three commissions all to be given by my clients to family or friends who had experienced loss that would make another season of giving, or a first without a special friend, incredibly difficult.

The givers of these gifts have shown great compassion and love, they have given in a way that speaks to the Heart of what the season is about.

They have said “I know your pain, I will walk with you through it, and ultimately I love you”

Now those may not have been their actual words but their hearts spoke to me in that way.

In this season of love I just wanted to shear their hearts with you.

I’m grateful, because you allow me to show my children that Christmas can be what it was intended to be.


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